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        Understanding House Rules in Blackjack

        Blackjack players should be aware that the house rules in playing blackjack may vary from one casino to another. For example, a casino located in downtown Las Vegas may have slight variations in in-house rules with a casino located on the Las Vegas strip. The house rules in the two casinos may also have slight […]

        The strategy in the game Craps

        A word of advice about craps strategy: There is not a lot of skill involved in rolling the dice, of course. And whatever you see anyone doing, jumping, kissing, whispering, or shouting at the dice will not make a difference in how they roll. There is nothing you can do physically or mentally to influence […]

        To successfully extract money from your gambling opponents, you must plan the long-term. This means that you must have a hold of the game as well as who you are playing against. The money of winning fast win and Furious at its fastest pace is not always the best long-term option for a good player. […]

        Casinos And Women Online

        At first glance, the online casino industry seems to be dominated the man. Most poker and blackjack players are men, right? Wrong, because the justest sex has now found a way to succeed in a man’s world. Studies have shown that more than half of all online gamblers are women. So before you think […]