Casinos And Women Online

At first glance, the online casino industry seems to be dominated the man. Most poker and blackjack players are men, right? Wrong, because the justest sex has now found a way to succeed in a man’s world. Studies have shown that more than half of all online gamblers are women. So before you think of online poker rooms full of fierce-looking shouting expletives to one another of the men, you should know that there are also women masquerading as men and vice versa. These players are often called “Betrosexuals. ”

Betrosexuals are players who pose as members of the opposite sex to deceive other players or gain an advantage over others. Because men always tend to belittle women especially in online casino games like poker, some men have taken advantage of the masquerading situation as females and thus create an impression of weakness.

Real women, however, have taken an increasingly important role in the world of online casinos. Statistics have shown that 62% of women in the US play poker at least once a week and 1 in 6 poker players are women. Because of this, some online casinos are already geared up for a strictly female audience. A casino has a ladies only forum and some others have weekly ladies’ night schedules with online casino games targeted for women players and gamblers. There are also online bingo sites that cater to women.

What makes women playing and playing in online casinos just like men? A study the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom has shown that most women turn to online gambling to get away from emotional problems, depression, and failing relationships. There are also female gamblers who play online to relax and have fun after hard day’s work.

While it is a welcome development to have women compete alongside men in games like poker, blackjack, and craps, it is really difficult to tell if a player is a man or a woman. The presence of betrosexuals makes it impossible to keep accurate statistics on the relationship of men vs. women in online casinos. The anonymity and privacy of the Internet allow anyone to disguise themselves or herself as a member of the opposite sex. So that the aggressive and strong-mouthed poker player well at your online casino will be born to be a woman.

As a result of the emergence of women as a powerful force online in the game, the way online casinos are promoted can change forever. Promotional efforts can no longer be aimed solely at men but at women as well. So those sexy girls featured in the main pages of online casinos may soon include muscular men to attract women.

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